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January08-12Generalist Class (5 Day) (FULL)
January22-25Basic Controls (4 Day) (FULL)
February05-08VFD Class (4 Day) (FULL)
February19-23Advanced Controls (5 Day) (FULL)
March14-16Oil Free Air (3 Day)
April03-05Vacuum Class (3 Day) (FULL)
April16-19Basic Controls (4 Day) (FULL)
April / MayApril 30 - May 4Dryer Service Class (5 Day) (FULL)
July09-13Generalist Class (5 Day) (FULL)
July23-27Advanced Controls (5 Day) (FULL)
July / August30-03Oil Free Air II (5 Day)
August06-09VFD Class (4 Day) (FULL)
August20-23Basic Controls (4 Day) (FULL)
September11-13Oil Free Air (3 Day) Spanish Edition (FULL)
September24-28Oil Free Air II (5 Day) (FULL)
October09-11Vacuum Class (3 Day)
October22-26Advanced Controls (5 Day)
November05-09Oil Free Air II (5 Day)
November12-15Legacy Compressors (4 Day)
December03-07Oil Free Air II (5 Day)

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tobacco freeQuincy Compressor is a Tobacco Free Campus
Steel Toe Shoes are Required for all courses
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Course Descriptions
Oil Free Air I:  3- Day
This is an introductory class to Quincy Compressor’s line of oil free compressors. We will cover commissioning and start-up, as well as routine service and service schedules. We will cover tip seal replacement and regreasing of the pin crank bearings and the orbiting scrolls and belt replacement for the QOF scroll compressors. We will also cover all recommended services for the wisAir compressors. Controls on the different packages will also be covered.

Oil Free Air II:  5- Day
This is an advanced class for the new line of two stage rotary screw oil free air compressors. This will include advanced troubleshooting and element (airend) replacement. We will cover the operation of the graphic controller and how it interacts with the drive on the variable frequency units. We will go into detail about the different levels of service and also breakdown service. We will also introduce the technology of SPM (Shock Pulse Monitoring), as this will soon be a requirement to record at start-up and during service or airend replacement.

Vacuum Class: 3- Day
This class will cover the entire range of Quincy Compressor’s Vacuum product offering. It will include an introduction with theory and principles related to vacuum. We will introduce the expanded range of products that Quincy Compressor has to offer along with the applications for which each product is suited. We will cover our Oil Flooded Screw Vacuum pumps along with the Claw, Rotary Vane, and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. We will discuss the proper installation and maintenance that pertain to our vacuum products. We will also present the different controllers associated with the vacuums and what options are available to control and sequence vacuum units.

Basic Controls (Computer Required): 4-Day
This class is an introduction to Quincy’s newest family of controllers. We will cover all screens on the new controllers and how they are used. We will discuss the software we use to program, modify, and integrate with the new controllers; Speci5, Modi5, and others. We will download software to the controllers along with other hands-on exercises pertaining to controls, networking, and monitoring. We will discuss the capabilities of the new controllers along with the systems that accompany it such as ICONS. We will discuss our retrofit strategy from our older controls to the newest family of controls so that they can seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other. This will be an introduction to the controllers found on Quincy compressors along with hands-on exercises and examples throughout the class with each topic.

Legacy Compressors: 4- Day
This class will cover Quincy’s legacy, field-installed units and their controls. If you need an update to the unit operation and how they work, this is the best opportunity to learn. Power-$ync, historical offerings of QGV units with older controls, QSI and many other units will be presented at this 4-day session.

VFD Class: 4- Day
This course covers the principles of how variable speed drives and induction motors work together to operate a Quincy Compressor. We will discuss the basic theory behind variable speed drives and the configuration of each drive used on Quincy Compressors today. We will discuss the application and environments suitable for VFD compressors. Also we will look into common issues and ways to correct them. We will discuss and use the tools needed to communicate and operate with the various drives you will find on current production Quincy Compressors. We will take a look at and discuss the differences and similarities on all drives used on Quincy compressors today.

Advanced Controls (Computer Required): 5-Day
This class is for computer savvy technicians. You must have a basic knowledge of Quincy’s new controllers prior to attending this class. We will cover the software Speci5 and Modi5 in detail; you must already have the software on your computer and have already used it in the field as this is not an introductory class. We will cover Networking in depth with Priority Management, Manual Sequences, Equal Wear, Delayed Second Stop, and the different control regions. We will discuss controller addressing and configuration when connecting to external systems. We will discuss ICONS along with its operation and training on the Customer Website and with the Admin Website. We will discuss our retrofit strategy from older controls to the newest family of controls so that they can seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other. We will discuss Modbus/Profibus Gateways along with all remote monitoring options. We will discuss the Net$ync II system. Again this is an advanced class so we will not be introducing the controllers, as you should already know them well, It will also be a smaller class giving more time with hands-on examples and exercises.

Dryer Service Class (Includes Refrigeration Certification and a Computer is Required): 5-Day
This class is designed for the tech moving into the refrigeration field of the compressed air system. In this class, you will learn refrigeration theory, and refrigeration system operation and troubleshooting. You will also have the opportunity to earn your EPA608 certification with R410A. You must complete all class objectives and pass all required tests in order to pass the class as well as earn you certification. This class will require study during off time for the EPA certification. You will also need your laptop, safety shoes and safety glasses.

Generalist (All Products): 5-Day
This class provides general maintenance and technical information on Quincy’s full product range, including rotary and piston air compressors, vacuum pumps, controls and accessories. This class covers basic electrical safety, theory, and operation as well as the description of basic electrical and mechanical components found in Quincy compressors. The brief controls introduction provides attendees with a better knowledge and understanding of the unit control options Quincy offers. Attendees will gain knowledge in operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the various types of Quincy Compressors.

Fee Schedule:
Service School – $250

Sales School – $0

Cancellation/No Show Policy
Any attendee who fails to report to class following verbal confirmation two weeks in advance will incur a $250 no show fee.

Quincy Compressor reserves the right to cancel a class at any time and will not be held responsible for any travel fees registrants may incur. In the event that a class is cancelled, Quincy will make every effort to alert attendees as soon as possible.

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